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TypingTutor was written using JMaker.

TypingTutor by Jidea

TypingTutor - A network based typing program written in JavaTM
Updated March 10, 2007

TypingTutor Features

  1. Written in Java using JDK 1.1 (See note below about TTServer)
  2. Runs on any Java compatible platform!
  3. Has a small footprint - only about 250 kilobytes!
  4. Works on a network or as a stand-alone application.
  5. Network version works on any tcp/ip network.
  6. Makes grading and record keeping easy with the TTServer that logs all lesson results and grades
  7. Helps to develop keyboarding and typing skills.
  8. Lesson development is simple.
  9. Lessons are just text files.
  10. You can easily convert your current keyboarding lessons into TypingTutor lessons
  11. Lessons may include handy pop-up dialogs to give students instructions.
  12. Popular TypingTutor Shoot game is included in this download ( See the sample.lsn).
  13. Sample lessons included.

Why does TypingTutor come in 2 Versions?

The only part that changes is TTServer and its associated classes.

JDK 1.1.x version

JDK 1.2.x version

TTServer1 uses java.awt.TextArea which cannot hold Strings > 32K.
When the grade file (grades.dat) gets too large for the awt TextArea then you must sort and total your grades with an external program (a Spread Sheet Program for example).
This version currently includes the handy lesson editor and lesson dialog editor.

TTServer uses javax.swing.JTextArea which can hold Strings > 32K.
With the 1.2.x version you should be able to sort and total grades using the features of TTServer.

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