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Installing TTServer & TypingTutor Server by Jidea

System requirements:

i486 or higher or equilvalent
16 meg or more of RAM
About 250 Kbytes of Disk Space (Yes, that is correct 0.25 Megabytes - Java is wonderful!)
Network installations require a working LAN that speaks TCP/IP.
Java Runtime Environment verson 1.1.6 or higher for TypingTutor.
Java Runtime Environment verson 1.1.6 or higher for TTServer1.
Java Runtime Environment verson 1.2.x TTServer.

Installation - Answer 4 questions:

  1. Do you have Java on your computer(s)?
  2. Where do I put the TypingTutor class folders and files?
  3. How do I run the TypingTutor and TTServer programs?
  4. Why are there two version of TTServer?

Do you have Java on your computer(s)?

The answer is yes if:
You are using a web browser like - FireFox or Internet Explorer.
Note that some Linux installations do not automatically install java.
Linux users may download a JVM port from

or B)
You have installed the Java Development Kit.

If you do not have java installed then you can download the "java runtime environment" (JRE) at

Where do I put the TypingTutor class files?

Now that you are sure that you have Java on your computer you are ready to install TypingTutor.
If you have installed and run java programs before then maybe all you need to know is this:
The TypingTutor's package name is 'typingtutor'.
If you need to know more then read on....

All java programs must have their class files in the classpath in order to run.

For the following installation example we will pretend that you have installed the JRE in:

Look to see if there is a folder c:\java\jre\classes
If there is not then put a 'classes' folder in c:\java\jre
Make a folder called "typingtutor" in the classes folder like this:
Note that it must be all lowercase without the "quotes".

The download version of TypingTutor is ready to install in the 'classes' folder.
Just decompress your or typingtutor.jar file into the c:\java\jre\classes folder.

the resulting directory structure looks like this:

>> typingtutor\
>> >>dat\
>> >>help\
>> >>lessons\
>> >>log\
>> >>*.class - all the TypingTutor class files

Remember that we pretended that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was in c:\java\jre.
You will need to substitute the path to the JRE on your machine if it is different.

How do I run the TypingTutor and TTServer programs?

Can you type 'java' at a command prompt and get a list of options?
If you can then you can run TypingTutor by typing:
java typingtutor.TypingTutor
Note that the case is still important. The first "typingtutor" is all lowercase. The second "TypingTutor" after the "." has two uppercase T's.

You can run the server by typing:
java typingtutor.TTServer

If you get "Bad command or file name" when you type 'java' at a command prompt then you need to provide a path.
In the example above we installed the JRE in c:\java\jre.
Using the same example try typing:

Remember to use your path to the jre if it is different than 'c:\java\jre'.
If this works then to run TypingTutor type:
c:\java\jre\bin\java typingtutor.TypingTutor

And to run the TypingTutor Server type:
c:\java\jre\bin\java typingtutor.TTServer

Why are there two versions of TTServer: TTServer and TTServer1?

TTServer1 will run under JRE 1.1.x or higher.
TTServer requires JRE 1.2.x or higher.

TTServer1 uses the java.awt.TextArea and so it will not work with grade files larger than about 29K.
TTServer uses the javax.swing.JTextArea and will work with larger grade files.

If you are using JRE 1.1.x with TTServer1 then you will need to process your grades in a spread sheet or data base program for grade files > 29K.

Registered users who have support questions may email:

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