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Adjudication Software

This example of adjudication software is setup similar to the Oregon ACDA/OMEA choral adjudication format. The software offers several benefits to adjudicators:

  1. It is simple to take all factors into account
  2. Scores are done automatically - no need to add
  3. Provides a clear graphic visualization of the scoring
  • Note the "Draw to select" checkbox at the bottom - click the checkbox and simply move your mouse over the rating bars.
  • Use the "Set All" bar to set all ratings to the same level.
  • Note that you can "drag" the adjudication software out of your browser (Will not work in some browsers and environments):
    1. Hold down the 'alt' key
    2. [left]click the mouse somewhere on the adjudicator software
    3. Drag it outside the browser
    4. Release the 'alt' key and the mouse button
    • Note the small closer button in the upper corner - upon close it will reappear in the browser (if the browser is still open).
  • Interested parties should email mstrauser at corban dot edu for more info.
  • The adjudication software requires a recent Java plug-in for your browser.

(:html:) <h1>Adjudication 0.5</h1> <script src=""></script> <script>

              archive: "",
              draggable: true,
              width: 640,
              height: 800,
              code: "adjudication.Main",
              name: "Adjudication"

</script> (:htmlend:)


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Page last modified on February 07, 2013, at 04:00 PM