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JMaker updated August 1, 2007

  1. Will run JavaFXTM files.
  2. Runs in JDK 1.6 or higher.
  3. Develop Java applets and applications in any directory.
  4. Syntax highlighting with customizable styles!
  5. Supports all JDK 1.6.x commands including idlj !
  6. JDK tool options are easily modified.
  7. Powerful wizards make repetitive tasks simple.
  8. Flexible text insertion cabablility.
  9. Trap all output from the JDK tools in a text window.
  10. All java tools are available along with their options.
  11. Handy File List windows make handling multiple files a simple click!
  12. "Search in File" option in the edit menu allows you to perform 'search and replace' operations in 1 to 1000's of files automatically. (Did you ever try to repackage that 500 class project?).
  13. "Search in File" operation performs advanced 'template' matching of replacement text with found text. Automatically put characters in the correct case for simple and correct replacement of Class names and instance names!
  14. "Search in File" and then automatically open the file containing the found text and high light the line with the found text.
  15. Options allow you to use the tools you want.
  16. Easy configuration to allow selected use of different javac, java and other tools.
  17. Choose any syntax style as the default start-up style .
  18. "class" view makes for easy viewing of JDK class information.
  19. "class" view allows easy insertion of method and field calls and overloads into source code.
  20. jar up any of your files and load them into class view for easy browsing!
  21. Projects allow easy access to multi-packaged java files.
  22. Easy management of complex tool options (e.g. keytool) in the Alpha Frame - Options tab.
  23. Setup Window for easy first time, new user setup!
  24. User preferences are retained.
  25. Batch file processor for disk operations.
  26. Debug interface! Set breakpoints in your source code. Highlight source code by simply double-clicking the line with the line number in the debug window!
  27. Launch multiple server sockets and and attach to server sockets.
  28. php syntax style added
  29. Uses JDK 1.1.8 or later.
  30. Develop Applications and Applets for JDK 1.0, 1.1.X and 2.X or for any java target.
  31. Customizable tool bar.
  32. Power and flexibility in a development environment!
  33. Up to 100 levels of undo/redo in the Edit Window.
  34. Register one-time-only! No upgrade fees!!!
  35. JMaker is celebrating it 4th birthday!


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