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The Wizard window allows you to create class files using your coding style.
You can get to the Wizard from the "Help" menu.

The Wizard Window has 4 sections:
1tabsChoose which tab to view: Class, Class Var, Implements, Imports, Constructor, Method, Method Browser, html, Manager or help
2Choices for this classDefine the class modifiers, package name, class (object name), etc.
3Text AreaNew class will be displayed here when you press the "Make Class" button.
4ButtonsUse the buttons to make the new class.
 Method Browser TabNote that there will be methods to browse in the Method Browser view after you press Make Class to make a class.
  • Don't forget that Tool Tips (in the view and help menu) will display helpful information about most buttons, fields and choices.
The Buttons
Make ClassWill make the class using all the options that you have set. The class will appear in the Text Area above the buttons.
Select AllSelect all the text in the top Edit Window. This is handy if you want to replace all the text in the top Edit Window with the new class you just created.
Insert ClassInsert the class text into the top Edit Window.
 The text will be inserted at the current cursor location.
 If any text is selected in the top Edit Window it will be replaced with the new class text.
Define StyleDefine your style. This button pops up the Style Definition Window.
 The wizard uses your style definition to answer questions like: Should a class begin with a brace "{" on the left margin or should it be indented one tab?
 Does every method begin with a comment?
 Do method parameters fit on one line or are they put on separate lines?
 Does every method begin with a javadoc comment?
 See Style for more info about styles
The "Manager" Tab
1View TabsChoose the view you want by pressing a tab. Each view shows different options or information about the wizards.
2New name or renameType a name for a new wizard in this text field. Press enter to create the new wizard. It will contain all the properties of the last wizard.
3Current directoryShows the current directory containing wizards.
  Double click on a wizard in this list to make it the active wizard.
4File FilterThis should be .wzd (wizard)
5Current wizardsShows the name of all the wizards in the current directory.
6Find wizardbegin typing the name of a wizard in this text field and the wizard that matches your text will be selected.
7Directory and file infoShows how many sub-directories and wizard files are in the current directory view.
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Page last modified on July 25, 2007, at 08:29 AM