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The Setup window allows you to configure basic JMaker setup options.

You can get to the setup window by clicking on "Setup" in the "Options" menu.

The Setup Window has 4 sections:

1) Intro - gives information about how to use setup.

2) Tools - allows you to show the path to the tools (java, javac, jar, appletviewer, etc) you want to use.

This allows you to choose between different JDK installations and/or to avoid setting system variables.
It is usually a good idea to set and use the Toolpath.

3) Source - Optional: allows you to select the path to your source (.java) files.

If you are new to Java you may not know where you want to put your source files. Go ahead and create a source folder somewhere to begin with. You can always move it later if you change your mind.
It is always a good idea to set and use the Sourcepath in JMaker - especially useful when you are packaging files.

4) Compiler - Optional: allows you to specify where compiled files should go.

If you are new to Java you can leave this off for a while. Eventually you will probably want to keep your .java source files separate from your .class files. This options allows you to tell the javac compiler where to put .class files.

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Page last modified on August 03, 2007, at 12:29 AM