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The Paths Dialog

Edit Window:Options:classpath(s)

The "Operation" Menu

use as sourcepathUse selected for the sourcepath
add to classpathAdd the selected path to the classpath
remove from classpathRemove the selected path from the classpath
use as toolpathsave classpath and sourcepath

The Paths dialog is used to set the source path and to select a classpath.
The source path is used to determine package names.
The classpath is used to determine where to put class files.
The Paths dialog has 2 lists. The Sourcepath list and the Classpath list.
The arrow keys ( <- and ->) allow you to adjust the source path/package name relationship.
The Classpath list shows the active classpaths used by the JDK tools.
After you have choosen the source path and class paths then you must apply these choices by choosing the 'Use sourcepath' and/or 'Use classpath' commands in the 'Operations' menu.
The 'use filepath' command in the 'Operations' menu displays the path to the current Edit Window file in the source path list.

In the example below:
  • source path ="C:\JDK6\source\"
  • toolpath ="C:\JDK6\bin\"
  • classpath =".;/lib/derby.jar;/lib/derbytools.jar;" (...)
An Example of Source and Classpath

Here is a Windows example of a path setup. (See the image below)

File locationPath settings
The java source files are in c:\Java\source\The source path is: c:\Java\source.
The java class files are in c:\jdk\classes\The classpath is c:\jdk\classes - one of the JDK's default paths.

All compiles are done with the '-d' option set to: -d c:/jdk/classes.
This puts all the class files into the correct package inthe c:/jdk/classes folder.

All appletviewer and java run commands simply use the fully qualified package name.
To run the aslider program example uses: java aslider.Aslider

The java source files are packaged according to their folder names.
aslider is packaged as 'aslider', gifframe is packaged as 'gifframe', etc.

How does JMaker determine package names?

The package name is the full file path minus the file name minus the source path.
For example:

Full File Name=Source Path+Package Name+File Name


  • The source path is set in the paths dialog (see above)
  • JMaker calculates a package name when packaged is selected in the Edit Window Options Menu or in the Java Options Dialog (see Options)
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