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The Search in file dialog allows you to search in many files at once. You can do find and replace as well.
Use the Edit Window's Edit menu to access "Search in file"

The Search in file dialog has three screens:

Screen 1 - select the files in which to search
  • Select a file from the left and press ">" to add it to the list of files to search.
  • Pressing ">>" will add all the files to the search list.
  • Select a file on the right and press "<" to remove it from the list of search files.
  • Pressing "<<" will clear the search list.
Screen 2 - Press the "2. find/replace text" tab.
  1. Type in the text to find in the "find" field.
  2. Optional: Type in the replacement text in the "replace" field.
Screen 3 - Press the "3. Perform" tab.
  1. Optional: Select "Match case?" to only find text that matches the case of the find text.
  2. Select "Replace?" to replace found text.
  3. Select "Prompt for replace?" if you would like to decide about each replacement. You can click "Yes", "No" or "Stop" each time the find text is found.
  4. Select "Verify?" if you want to have the option to save the changes to each file.
  5. Select "Template?" if you want to use the found text as a template.
  • Press the "Find" button to perform the find/replace operation.
Using the "Template" feature
  • This feature will look at the case of the find text and match it letter-for-letter in the replacement.
    • find text = "myclass"
    • replacement text = "myclass_two"
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