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I lost some of my options settings!

Can you give me some examples?
Open the options dialog by clicking on "options" in the "Options" menu.
Here are some examples:

Javac Options

Java Options

AppletViewer Options
  • Note that Appletviewer assumes that your applet class files are in the classpath.
  • If you use the -d compile option to put your class files into the jdk/jre/classes folder the appletviewer (and java) can usually find your class files.

You may have to type in the tool path before the command name if your system cannot locate the tools. Your paths may be similar to these examples:

Windows example
c:\jdk1.2\bin\javainstead ofjava
c:\jdk1.2\bin\javacinstead ofjavac
Linux example
/home/mystuff/java/jdk/bin/javainstead ofjava
/home/mystuff/java/jdk/bin/javacinstead ofjavac

Look at Setting Paths or Setup for how to set the tool path.

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Page last modified on July 23, 2007, at 04:32 PM