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The File List window is an easy way to keep file folder contents handy. You can open as many File List windows as you need.

The File List Window has 5 sections:
1current directory (path)shows the current directory. You may edit the path and press enter to update the file list.
2filterSelect from a choice of file types (java, html, txt, xml, etc).
3list of files and directoriesClick on a file to select the file.
  Double click on ".." to go up a directory level.
  Double click to edit the file in the top Edit Window
  Right click for more choices (edit in the top Edit Window, edit in a new Edit Window or delete)
4"find"Type in the name of a file to find it in the list.
  Pressing "Enter" will open the file in a new "Edit Window"
5statusShows how many directories and/or files are in the file list.

File List showing the file types choice
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Page last modified on August 03, 2007, at 12:51 AM