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This project is in BETA!

Please Use at your own risk!

Add text and comments to marked events of a .wav file.
You can email mstrauser at corban dot edu for more information.

  • Download compressed zip
  • Unzip compressed files
  • Place in java classpath
    • Package is: mls.anp
    • Main class file is: AudioNoteApp
  • Sample run command: C:\JDK6\bin\java -Xmx384M mls.anp.AudioNoteApp
  • Audio format: 16 bit, stereo, 8 kHz audio in wav file format
  • Data format: Tab delimited ascii file with single line header
  • Graphical display of audio at bottom (see image above)
    • Sliders to control scale of view
    • Location indicator - black vertical line
    • Seconds - numbers 251, 252, etc
    • Event markers - red boxes 66 and 67
    • Click to move playback location
    • Double-click to add mark
    • Right-click for options
  • Annotations at top (see image above)
    • A click in most columns will select the data and locate the mark in the audio view
    • Index column to track marks
    • Columns A, B, and C for annotations
    • Text column for notes
    • Comment column
    • Time - location of mark in seconds
    • Duration - change in time between two consecutive events
    • Words - simple word count of the words in the Text column
  • Buttons
    • Open Data
      • Open annotations file and associated audio
      • These should both be in the same file folder
    • Open Audio - open a wav file only
    • Save Data - save the annotations
    • Save As - save the annotations with new name
    • New - Clear existing audio and annotations - Be sure to save changes first!!
    • delete - Delete the selected mark
    • undo delete
    • loop - continuous play between two marks
    • Prev - continuous play between two previous marks
    • Next - continuous play between the next two marks
    • Options - set display options
    • Spectrum - fast fourier transform grahpic options
    • Merge - combine selected marks into one mark - selected text and comments are concatenated
    • Delete - delete all selected marks except the first one. This can be used with merge to combine events into the top event and delete the extra events
  • Tabs
    • Mark List - the view above
    • Messages - program messages, progress, and warnings
    • Notes - these are saved on exit
    • SQL - no function
    • History - file history


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Page last modified on February 07, 2013, at 04:00 PM